35 Powerful Modules in ONE Software.

Leave the podcasting Dark Ages behind and use PodUp to create, grow and monetize your venture with a next-level podcast.

Create Your Podcast More Easily


PodUp’s Setup module provides an easy-to-use interface that walks you step-by-step through pre-launch, from integrating with podcasting and social platforms, setting up your domain name, adding team members and permissions and MORE!

Site Builder

PodUp’s Site Builder module makes it easier for even non-tech savvy users to create and edit pages, forms, and menus with pre-made templates and components designed specifically for podcast sites.


Already have a podcast with content attached to it? No problem! PodUp’s Migrator module helps migrate blogs, videos and audio files straight into the PodUp platform so you don’t have to do it manually.

Guests manager

Easily handle guest management tasks in one place with the PodUp Guests and Onboarder modules. Gather guest photos, collect bios and intake question answers, get content approved, capture signed media releases and more without all the email back-and-forth!


PodUp’s Inviter module is an automated system that schedules interviews, books appointments and creates reminders and calendar invitations.


PodUp’s Recorder module allows you to capture high-quality, multi-track video recordings locally, reducing  the risk of losing a great recording because of background noise and slow internet issues.

Video & audio editor

Sick of huge file uploads and downloads? PodUp’s web-based, Video and Audio Editor module enables you and your remote team to edit audio and video and add intros, outros, captions and ads to episodes.

Image editor

Want to create and edit thumbnails and social media graphics in PodUp too? No problem! PodUp’s Image Editor module makes it easy to create images and optimize them for different platforms.

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Publish to Many Platforms

Audio podcast

When a new episode is created, PodUp’s Podcast module will save you time and energy by creating, optimizing and publishing a page for each podcast episode.


Want to publish video with your episodes? No problem! The PodUp Videos module helps you create, optimize, schedule and publish a page for each video.


PodUp’s Livestream module contains two innovative features that make it possible for you to go live on your site while simultaneously streaming to your top social channels. With your guests’ permission, you can also stream to their channels too!


The PodUp Blogs module leverages A.I. to help you create SEO-optimized blog articles from your transcripts, videos or audio recordings. You can then schedule, publish and syndicate articles across platforms.


Syndicate content to more than 20 other social media, podcast and video platforms immediately or in the future with PodUp’s Syndicator module.


Showcase images and videos, including memes and customer reviews, on your site with PodUp’s Gallery module.


The PodUp Transcripts module can automatically create transcripts of your audio and video recordings. It also has a powerful editor that lets you make changes in the text that can automatically be applied to your audio and video files.


Did you know you probably need at least 10 legal agreements to protect yourself and your podcast? With a few simple questions, PodUp’s Legal module can generate drafts of legal documents like privacy policies, terms and conditions, and disclaimers.

See how PodUp software can help you do MORE with your podcast with LESS time and money.

Grow Your Audience and Reach


Stay engaged with your audience with PodUp’s Engager module, which lets you view and respond to comments and messages from a number of platforms through a single inbox, saving tons of time and effort!


Choose or create a template inside PodUp’s Newsletter module, then pull from content and images you already have inside other modules to quickly create and send newsletters to your subscribers.


Wish you could manage your email list and campaigns from PopUp too? With PopUp’s Mail module, you can! It integrates with popular email platforms MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and SendinBlue.


Make it easier for Google to send traffic your way. PopUp’s SEO module scores your content, then helps you optimize it with built-in suggestions based on search engine optimization best practices.


Feel like you constantly need to update your sitemap so search engines can more easily find your content? Not anymore! PopUp’s Sitemap module automatically updates your sitemap everytime you publish an episode so you don’t have to.


Gather feedback and insights that improve your credibility and reputation with potential customers. Collect and display reviews from Google and your podcast site with the PopUp Reviews module.


Surveys are GREAT for growing your email list! Inside PopUp’s Assessment module, you can create customized surveys with personalized scores and assessments you can offer for free or a fee in exchange for their name, contact info and permission to market to them.

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Monetize and Generate Recurring Revenue

Ads & sponsorship

Create and run audio, text, video and graphical ads that promote your products, services and sponsors with the PodUp Ads module. Instead of publishing a static ads only, this module helps you publish dynamic ads that appear on past content.


Create an online storefront that sells your physical and digital products with PodUp’s Shop module. Or generate an additional revenue stream by allowing others to sell products in your shop while you keep a percentage of sales.


Create, publish and sell challenges, masterclasses and other courses to your audience with the Courses module. You can also invite other experts in your niche to create courses in your platform and share the revenue.


Want to generate income as an affiliate by selling other people’s products, services and content? The PodUp Resources module enables you to promote affiliate offers and generate revenue.

See how PodUp software can help you do MORE with your podcast with LESS time and money.

Simple and Powerful Management


Monitor your metrics with the Dashboard module, which allows you to analyze key performance indicators and dig deeper into more detailed analytics.

Work flow

Podcasting requires dozens of step-by-step tasks to create, publish, and promote episodes. Help prevent important tasks from slipping through the cracks with PodUp’s Work Flow module, our built-in episode management system.


Delegate and save time by adding team members and setting up permission-based roles with the PodUp Teams module.

Customer service

Drowning in email-based support requests? PodUp’s Customer Service module is a ticket-based support system that helps improve customer satisfaction, simplify customer support, increase speed, provide better data management, and prevent support requests from slipping through the cracks.


Create and publish the answers to your audience’s most frequently asked questions in one central location on your podcast site with the PodUp Answers module.


The PodUp Files module makes it easy to save, organize and share audio, text, video, images and other files with your guests, users and team, either directly or via clickable links.


Imagine how catastrophic it would be if all your episode and user data was deleted by a hacker or disgruntled employee. Keep your podcast data more secure and help prevent data loss by creating online and offline backups with PodUp’s Backup module.

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