Podcast Production & Marketing Services

We are a full-service podcast production and marketing agency. Our podcast experts would love to help with your podcast strategy, production, publishing, marketing, monetization, optimization, and so much more.

Production Services

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development:

PodAllies will build a website featuring pages for Home, Podcast, Video, Blog, Reviews, About, Resources, Gallery, and Contact. Any membership or payment gateway features are not included in this service. While PodAllies will manage the Podcast-related pages, clients will have the ability to create and manage other pages and content.

Intro & Outro Editing (with Background Music)

Intro & Outro Editing (with Background Music):

Client will record a 30-second to 1-minute audio intro and outro with a call to action. PodAllies will provide up to 2 rounds of 10 music options to choose from and edit the client’s audio and selected music together. The video for this section will feature their logo. If the client purchased the Design package, PodAllies will animate the logo for use during the intro/outro. If the client purchased the Copy package, PodAllies will help write the intro and outro script.

Script for Podcast Intro/Outro

Script for Podcast Intro/Outro:

PodAllies will write a short 15 second to 1 minute compelling intro and outro script for the client to record and use in all podcast episodes.

Podcast Channel Submission and Integration with PodUp

Podcast Channel Submission and Integration with PodUp:

PodUp integrates with major podcast channels, as well as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Medium, and Tumblr. PodAllies will assist in integrating these accounts with the platform.

Equipment Recommendations & Tech Support

Equipment Recommendations & Tech Support:

PodAllies will provide a list of recording equipment recommendations for the client to purchase and assist over video call with setup and usage as needed.

Audio/Video Editing (up to 45 min raw footage)

Audio/Video Editing (up to 45 min raw footage):

PodAllies will edit the client’s recorded audio and video (up to 45 minutes of raw footage). Audio editing includes removing unwanted sounds, adjusting volume levels, enhancing audio quality, adding music, and mixing multiple audio tracks. Video editing includes removing irrelevant content, ensuring visual consistency, and syncing video with audio. 2 rounds of edits are included.

Trailer Edit

Trailer Edit:

PodAllies will edit a 1-3 minute trailer video of the client introducing the podcast, featuring the logo or animated logo if purchased. The edited trailer will then be published if the client has purchased the publishing package.

Publishing Content (Podcast, Video, Blog & Social Post)

Publishing Content (Podcast, Video, Blog & Social Post):

PodAllies will publish the contracted amount of audio, video and blog content to the podcast and video channels integrated with PodUp and the client’s PodUp website. For clients with the Social Media Package, PodAllies will publish the contracted number of posts to the client’s channels, typically one post per episode. If the client has not purchased the title and description service, they are responsible for creating this content for all published materials. Client is responsible for social media engagement.

Podcast Description

Podcast Description:

PodAllies will create a captivating 1-2 paragraph podcast description that resonates with potential listeners by reflecting the show’s unique voice, tone, and message.

Podcast Logo Design

Podcast Logo Design:

The logo, which must include the podcast name, will be used on all materials related to the podcast and should be designed specifically for it. The logo design process will begin with an initial briefing where PodAllies and the client discuss the vision, values, and preferences for the podcast logo design. A design contest will be created on 99designs with specified scope, duration, and budget. PodAllies will review and provide feedback on design submissions from the 99designs community, collaborating with designers to refine the designs based on client feedback. The process will culminate in the final selection and delivery of a single winning design.

Podcast Cover Art Design

Podcast Cover Art Design:

PodAllies will create a cover art design based on client discussions about desired colors, logos, and themes to be used as the artwork on podcast channels.

Animated Logo

Animated Logo:

PodAllies will transform the final podcast logo into a 10 second visually appealing animation to be used in video intros and outros. If the client has not purchased the Logo Creation service PodAllies will animate the client's existing logo.

Video Thumbnails for Episodes

Video Thumbnails for Episodes:

PodAllies will design a thumbnail to reflect the episode content to be used on video platforms.

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting:

PodAllies will write the necessary podcast copy for the client’s website on the following pages and subpages: Home, Podcast, Video, Blog, Reviews, About, Resources, Gallery, and Contact.

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title and Description:

PodAllies will create a compelling title and description for each podcast episode to attract and engage listeners.

Episode Summary Blog Post

Episode Summary Blog Post:

PodAllies will convert podcast episodes into a readable blog post that is shareable and enhances SEO by increasing web content presence.

Episode Transcription

Episode Transcription:

PodAllies will transcribe and edit each podcast episode transcription.

Domain Configuration in PodUp

Domain Configuration in PodUp:

PodAllies will guide clients in choosing, purchasing, and maintaining a registered domain through a domain hosting provider separate from PodUp. PodAllies will then connect and set up the domain on the PodUp platform, linking the client's website to their chosen domain. Clients are responsible for paying for their own domain.

Kickoff Meeting & Strategy

Kickoff Meeting & Strategy:

A kickoff call will take place to help PodAllies understand the goals and direction of the podcast. PodAllies will explain processes, services, and timeline goals. As needed during the first month of services, weekly meetings can be scheduled to ensure alignment and progress.

Podcast Performance Monitoring & Analysis

Podcast Performance Monitoring & Analysis:

Each month, PodAllies will review analytics (new email subscribers, social media views, podcast and video views/downloads) and provide the client with the data.

Guest List Development

Guest List Development:

PodAllies will curate a list of 10 potential guests each month aligned with the podcast’s theme and audience demographics, presenting the list to the client for review. *PodAllies can not guarantee the guests acceptance.

Guest Outreach

Guest Outreach:

Upon client approval of the curated guest list, PodAllies will initiate email communication with selected guests, and extend invitations. *PodAllies can not guarantee the guests acceptance.

Guest Interview Preparation

Guest Interview Preparation:

PodAllies will conduct initial research on scheduled guests and prepare one set of 10 tailored questions designed to elicit thoughtful responses and spark meaningful conversation during the interview.

Marketing Services

Keyword Research

Keyword Research:

PodAllies will research up to 70 relevant keywords after understanding the podcast's topic and audience, analyzing search volume and competition.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis:

PodAllies will identify up to 15 competitors covering similar topics or targeting the same audience demographic. The team will analyze competitor content, audience, branding, and distribution methods to inform the client’s strategy.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO:

PodAllies will create meta titles and descriptions for the following website pages and subpages: Home, Podcast, Video, Blog, Reviews, About, Resources, Gallery, and Contact to attract viewers to the client’s podcast, using searched keywords to improve search visibility and drive relevant traffic. If the client's website is not built and managed on PodUp, PodAllies cannot provide this service.

Episode Post SEO

Episode Post SEO:

PodAllies will craft meta titles and descriptions that incorporate relevant keywords, summarizing the content succinctly and attracting clicks on episodes. If the client's website is not built and managed on PodUp, PodAllies cannot provide this service.

Lead Magnet Creation

Lead Magnet Creation:

PodAllies will curate a 1- 2 page valuable lead magnet utilizing the clients expertise, such as a checklist or downloadable content, to attract and capture leads by offering valuable content in exchange for contact information.

Newsletter Creation and Distribution

Newsletter Creation and Distribution:

Using the PodUp platform, PodAllies will create and distribute one newsletter each month sharing recent and upcoming episodes with the client’s email list.

Hashtag Research

Hashtag Research:

PodAllies will identify and compile a list of effective hashtags to increase engagement of social media content through performance analysis and research.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts:

PodAllies will cut a clip(s) from the podcast episode(s), and add on-video captions and a post description and then publish to client’s approved social accounts. Client is responsible for social media engagement.

Creation and Management of Paid Ad Campaigns (Google and Social)

Creation and Management of Paid Ad Campaigns (Google and Social):

PodAllies will assist in setting up advertising accounts on Facebook and Google, running a single trailer ad continuously if desired and boosting individual episodes upon release on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. *Client is responsible for any third-party ad costs.

Google/Bing Webmaster Account Setup & Sitemap Creation

Google/Bing Webmaster Account Setup & Sitemap Creation:

PodAllies will create Google and Bing webmaster and sitemap for your podcast’s website. With webmaster and sitemap, your website’s code will be able to communicate with search engines enhancing its overall SEO and will help push your website up in search results.

Monthly Strategy Call

Monthly Strategy Call:

PodAllies will meet with the client once a month to discuss progress and possible improvements. For clients with marketing services, the call will review ads and performance metrics to adjust strategies as needed.

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