Packages & Pricing

per month
Podcast concept and strategy

PodAllies will guide you through the process of coming up with a name for your podcast, brainstorming content, figure out an episode release schedule, podcast concept research, and description. (Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions.)

Client meetings

PodAllies will schedule 30 minute weekly meetings between the Client and their production team during the pre-launch phase (first 3 months). Then 45 minute montly meetings thereafter.

Logo and artwork design

PodAllies will assist the Client in running a 99 designs campaign for logo creation (Client is responsible for any fees charged by 99 designs). PodAllies designers will help the Client design website and cover art for their podcast. (Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions for any website or cover art designed by PodAllies designers.)

Podcast site design & development

PodAllies designers will help Client design their podcast website. (Client is allowed up to 3 hours of revision time for any design changes during the pre-launch phase. And up to 1 hour per month after podcast has launched.)

Podcast Trailer

PodAllies will guide the Client through the process to create your podcast trailer. PodAllies will help the Client brainstorm ideas, edit audio, edit video, and provide an episode description, full transcript of the episode, and a summary blog post. (Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions. Podcast trailer counts as one of the first 3 episodes required for launch.)

Podcast Intro & Outro Edit (with Background Music)

PodAllies will help the Client produce their podcast intro and outro as well as provide the Client will music options to use. PodAllies will provide 2 rounds of 10 music options to choose from. (Client is responsible for music cost.)

Submission to all major podcast platforms

PodAllies is responsible for submitting your podcast episodes to all major podcast platforms. PodAllies will also schedule a meeting with the Client to coordinate Apple ID's and passwords for Apple Podcasts app.

Custom animated logo for intro

PodAllies designers will help the Client create an animated logo to be used for YouTube and Vimeo intros. (The Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions.)

Audio editing

PodAllies audio engineers will edit up to 1 hour of RAW audio per week. (Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions per hour of audio). Episode edits will be capped at 30 minutes (episodes can be divided in half when necessary.)

Video editing

PodAllies video editors will edit up to 1 hour of RAW footage per week. (Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions per hour of audio.) Episode edits will be capped at 30 minutes (episodes can be divided in half when necessary).

Host training and support

PodAllies will provide support to the Client by responding to all emails within 1 business day, weekly meetings for the first 3 months and montly meetings thereafter, and the Client's account manager will virtually sit in on the first 3 recordings and 1 additional recording every other month to provide coaching and feedback.

Guest scheduling - tell us who you want, we will schedule

PodAllies will contact up to 4 potential podcast guests per month on behalf of the Client (PodAllies cannot guarentee the guests' acceptance of the invitation). PodAllies will also manage the guest scheduling process for any guests that will appear on the show.

Thumbnail creation for YouTube

PodAllies designers will create a YouTube thumbnail template to be used for all published episodes. (The Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions for the template.)

Site monitoring

PodAllies will monitor your podcast website and fix any issues that may arise in a timely manner. (Due to the unknown nature of some issues, PodAllies will not be able to provide the Client with an estimated time needed to fix until the issue happens. For example, some issues may take 1 business day to resolve while others may take 2-3 business days to resolve.)

Content management

PodAllies will be responsible for the storage of all episode recordings and copywriting materials. The Client will be allowed access to all podcast content.

Summary blog posts

PodAllies writers will be responsible for the creation of blog posts summarizing each podcast episode. Blog posts will reflect the episode transcript but condensed for readability and optimized of SEO. (The Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions per blog post.)

Episode titles and descriptions

PodAllies writers will be responsible for writing a title and description for each podcast episode. (The Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revision for each title and episode description.)

Full transcript

PodAllies writers will be responsible for transcribing each podcast episode. (Clients are allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions for each episode transcript.)

Uploading, formatting, and scheduling for publication

PodAllies will be responsible for uploading, formatting, and scheduling 1 podcast episode, video, transcript, and blog per week. Any additional episodes will need to be approved by the Client's account manager and the Client will be responsible for any additional fees associated with producing extra episodes.

Recording equipment recommendations and training

PodAllies account managers will provide the Client with a document detailing suggested recording equiptment as well as training on best recording practices.

Delivery in 7 business days

PodAllies requires 7 business days be given from when the Client delivers the audio and video recording of each episode to when the first draft of the audio and video edits and copywriting to be delivered to the Client. If the agreed upon publish date is reached before any revisions have been requested by the Client, the episode will be published as-is.

PodUp podcast recording platform

The Client will be allowed full access to the PodUp recording platform to record their episodes.

Dedicated account manager

The Client will be assigned an account manager to oversee the production of the podcast. The account manager will act as a liaison between the Client and PodAllies making sure the podcast production process runs smoothly.

Podcast hosting platform by PodUP

PodAllies will host the Client's podcast website within the PodUp platform.

Video Thumbnail Template Design for Youtube & Podcast episodes

3 options each, 2 rounds of revisions

per month
Competitive analysis

PodAllies will complete an analysis of competing podcasts within the Client's niche. PodAllies is not required to provide this service after the first month.

Keyword research

PodAllies will complete a keyword research analysis for the Client for SEO purposes. PodAllies is not required to provide this service after the first month.

Podcast and blog title research

PodAllies will research podcast and blog titles that will perform best for SEO. PodAllies is not required to provide this service after the first month.

Google/Bing webmaster & sitemap creation

PodAllies will create a Google/Bing webmaster account and sitemap for the Client's podcast. PodAllies is not required to provide this service after the first month.

Customization of the newsletter template

PodAllies will allow the Client up to 2 rounds of revision for the creation of the monthly newsletter template. PodAllies is not required to provide this service after the first month.

Integration & list creation with email marketing software

PodAllies will create and integrate an email list for the Client using email marketing software. PodAllies is not required to provide this service after the first month.

Newsletter creation & distribution

PodAllies will create a monthly newsletter to be sent out to the Client's email list. The Client is allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions for each newsletter. If no revision suggestions are provided to PodAllies up to 2 days before the agreed-upon send date, the newsletter will be sent out as-is.

SEO & technical review of your podcast website

PodAllies will provide the Client a monthly SEO and technical review of their podcast website.

Guest outreach

PodAllies will reach out to 40 potential guests on behalf of the Client requesting the guest appear on the Client's podcast. PodAllies cannot guarantee acceptance of the potential guests.

Podcast outreach

PodAllies will reach out to 20 podcasts on behalf of the Client to request an invitation for the Client to appear on their podcast as a guest. PodAllies cannot guarantee acceptance of an invitation.

Guest management

PodAllies will manage all guest scheduling and update the Client on guest status as needed.

Planning and management of ad campaigns

PodAllies will help the Client plan and manage soical media ad campaigns for the Client's podcast. The Client is responsible for all third-party ad costs.

Creation of ad images, captions, and content

PodAllies will manage the creation of all ad images, captions, and content for the Client's social media ad campaigns.

Short-form videos for social media

Craft engaging short-form videos from every podcast episode, perfect for sharing captivating highlights on your social media platforms.

Social Images

We'll create a compelling social images to help promote your podcast episode across your social platforms.

( Production + Marketing )
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  • Everything from the Production and Marketing packages.


Why should I work with PodAllies instead of another podcast production agency?

What makes us stand out from the competition is our focus on next-level,podcasts. A next-level podcast repurposes video content, blogs, newsletters, live streams, emails, social media content, and more across multiple channels. This makes it possible to grow a massive audience and in turn your business.

Additionally, we have spent years and millions of dollars developing an industry-leading podcasting software PodUp, that allows us to produce and market a next-level podcast more effectively and efficiently than our competition. PodUp has transformed how podcasts are created, syndicated, and grown by combining the functionality of 35+ different podcasting softwares into one easy-to-use platform. This enables us to help you cost-effectively build a bigger audience and grow your business with a next-level podcast.

What happens on the free strategy call?

During your free consultation call, one of our team members will get to know you and your business to better understand your needs. From there, they will help you understand both our production and marketing packages to help you decide which packages are right for you and your unique situation. Ultimately, our goal is to set you up for success, we want you to succeed and feel confident in the process.

How long are your contracts?

Because of the amount of upfront work required to get your podcast up and running we require a minimum 6 month commitment. After that, you have the flexibility to go month-to-month.

How much experience do your experts have?

Our experts have over a decade of combined experience in podcast production. Their expertise spans from every aspect of the podcast creation process - from ideation and research, to writing, editing, post-production, publishing, promotion, and more. Whether you’re looking to start your first podcast or take an established show to the next level, our team has the skills and experience to help make it a success.

Can I switch or add packages if I need to?

If at any point you realize you need to switch or add another package onto your services you are welcome to do so. You’ll just need to contact your account manager to guide you through the process.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime after the initial 6 months. After cancellation we’ll continue serving your podcast through the end of your current billing cycle to provide you a smooth transition. For example, if your contract started on August 15th and you cancel on May 2nd, our team will still run your podcast until May 15th.

How do I know if I need both the production and marketing packages?

It depends on the goals you have for your podcast and how much time you are willing and able to put in. If you simply want to get your podcast up and running with professional production quality but are willing to handle marketing and distribution yourself, then the production package may be sufficient. However, if you want support with marketing, social media, and getting your podcast in front of more listeners, then adding on the marketing package will be critical for growth.

If you aren’t sure, we recommend you take some time to think about your goals, the time you're able to commit, and how quickly you hope to grow your listenership. That will help determine if getting both packages is the right fit to set your podcast up for success. If you’re still having trouble deciding, click here (link to schedule a strategy call) and schedule a call with our team to help guide you through your decision.

Will I be billed immediately?

Yes, your first month is billed upfront, then ongoing monthly payments thereafter.

I'm ready to chat. How do I book my free strategy call?

Great! Click here (link to “book your strategy call” section) to book your free strategy call.

Have any other questions?

Click here to contact a member of our team who would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.